Anahit Ensemble


Anahit Ensemble is a group formed by female musicians who play solo, chamber and orchestral music in Italy and abroad. The unusual juxtaposition of voice, flute, cello and guitar imparts the Ensemble an unique sonority, of fascinating timbric fusion.


Anahit Enesmble’s original and suggestive musical proposals create a rare and valuable musical patrimony, conjugating the aesthetic of the “cultured” repertoire with music taken from the author’s popular repertoire or moving through other musical genres.

Thanks to the attention of many important composers, the Anahit Ensemble’s repertoire is continuously growing.


Anahit Ensemble is:

CLAUDIA GRIMAZ, soprano and narrator


Tales and music from Armenia

A singular concert across Armenian tales and music, very ancient land, scene of tragic historical events but also cradle of a rich historical, cultural and artistic patrimony.


"Né come in sonno né come in veglia" was specifically written for Anahit Ensemble from known Armenian artist and writer Sonya Orfalian who currently lives and works in Rome.


Music is written by Armenian composer Soghomon Soghomonian, otherwise known as Komitas, the most important Armenian musician, creator of the musical renovement which happened in the first years of the 20th Century in Armenia


“None of us could know the beauty of this art which is in fact not European nor Eastern,

but which has an unique sweet character that conveys tender, penetrating emotions”

                                                                (Louis Laloy)


On friday, april 24th 2015, at 9pm, brought on air from Sala A via Asiago in Rome, for the 100 anniversary of Armenian Genocide,L'eclissedel Popolo Armeno, a Sonya Orfalian's melologue, with Maria Paiato and live music by Anahit Ensemble.