a musical travel in Europe from 1883 to 1914 



Insieme Strumentale Italiano


Claudia Grimaz     soprano and narrator
Daniela Brussolo     flute
Piero Ricobello     clarinet
Paola Selva     guitar
Francesca Favit     cello
Fabio Serafini     doublebass

Orient-Express is the name of a long distance passenger train, set by “Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits”, which joined Paris Gare de l’Est and Constantinople, todays Istanbul.

The concert “Orient-Express, a musical travel in 1883-1914 Europe” was brought to life by Paola Selva, who supervised the entire project, from lines and lyrics to music.
It’s a musical journey that brings the public through the stops of the Orient Express’ original route, inaugurated on October 4th 1883:

Paris - Strasbourg - München - Wien - Budapest - Bucarest - Varna - Costantinople

From a city to another, stories, anecdotes and chronicles of the time intertwine with music which, starting from the extravagant notes of Paris’ Belle Époque, makes its way through Europe to the far East.

The story of the Orient-Express begins on October 4th, 1883. It’s an extraordinary event: a train joins the western side of Europe to the easterner one for the first time, even if the passengers must board on a boat for the last part of the travel. The outbreak of the First World War will temporarily stop the course that regularly takes place twice a week.

The Orient-Express was created from the Belgian founder of the Company George Nagelmackers’ idea to make travelling by train across Europe possible for wealthy men and fascinating women.