Novecento Femminile Singolare

A program entirely dedicated to guitar music written by female composers

Ida Presti, Teresa De Rogatis, Maria Luisa Anido,… Important figures of the guitar field of the Twentieth Century, interpreters and composers. Women’s voices which, through guitar, improved and valued the repertoire and lit the deeper aspects of the feminine soul with their sensitivity.

Their compositions are brought to life during the concert and remark their love for music, for interpretation, for composition and virtuosity, giving sense to a feeling able to impress and to leave in the soul of the listeners a sense of continuity, of joy, a memory to retain in their hearts even when, after the concert, the room is empty and silence supplants.

We shall never forget that what the composers wrote and interpreted was part of their entire life and they created that music for us to enjoy as much as them the fruit of those compositions full of air, light, harmony of dreams and beauty.


Miriam Facchini

The program NOVECENTO FEMMINILE SINGOLARE was created from the interest towards a repertoire so rarely played. The constant research of music wrote by women has brought not only to the discover of an entire world of scores already written but also to the creation of new music from contemporary female composers among which I would really like to mention Cristina Cristiancig, composer of the very recent “A cercar per filo, un segno”, dedicated to me.

The association Le Métronome organized a music festival entitled “Donna: la musica dimenticata” (Woman: the forgotten music) in Casa Cavazzini in Udine, during the which I held two concerts.
In the first one, dedicated to and with the participation of Giovanna Marini, I have had the honor to play a great guitar built by the Master Luthier William Marinello.